20th Jul 2016 • Mark  Case Study

The staff at Denton Golf Club got in touch with us and asked if we could help to refurbish their old and out of date indoor golf room.

We used two different thicknesses of RevoSport to be able to complete this task for Denton Golf Club. We used RevoSport 25 for the flooring. By doing this, it mirrored the feel of actually standing on a fairway. We then used RevoSport 10 to cover the walls and the ceiling.

With the help of others, we were able to transform their room with teaching nets and a 3D camera into a modern and cutting-edge indoor golf room.

The indoor golf room at Denton Golf Club re-opened on 8th July as part of their professional range of services.

Making bespoke roll sizes is something we can offer to all our customers, if this is of interest please do let us know.