With every order we will supply you with recycled cardboard boxes which you can put the packaging material in. This should then be sent to the following address where it will then be recycled and made in to new product. Please do not send the branded tape with the Polythene in the box, I’m afraid this is the only part that can not be recycled. When you send the Polythene and the box you can trust that these will be recycled.
Please send the Polythene in the box to :

Earl Road,
Rackheath Ind. Est,
NR13 6NT,

NO – non of the Shockpad ends up in landfill.
Revosport is a truly recyclable product.
Should we get the order to replace the existing Shockpad, once it is taken up and the new one is delivered we will bring back the Shockpads to our Combined Polymer Technology ( CPT ) department. The Shockpads will then be treated as all other waste foam and will go through the same process of granulation. At this point we have the option to make a multitude of products.
If you chose to go with someone else for a shockpad you can still take up your existing Shockpad and deliver it back to us ( at your cost ) , we will then recycle the product and save you sending it to landfill.

YES – it’s made from 100% recycled products.
Revosport is manufactured using all of the waste foam that is created after the block has been converted in to a product. Rather than sending it to landfill, all of the waste foam comes back to us in our Combined Polymer Technology (CPT) department who then granulate the foam. This is all done before the process starts of making the Shockpad. We can actually use the waste foam to create a multitude of different products, not just our Shockpads, ensuring that we minimise our waste and we don’t have to landfill any foam.

20th Jul 2016 • Mark 
RevoSport25 at Denton Golf Club
21st Jun 2016 • Mark 
Revosport10 on a rooftop