3rd Jun 2016 • Mark  Uncategorised

There is an on going debate concerning the benefits and drawbacks of using synthetic turf. People have been discussing if artificial turf is better or worse than natural turf. So we thought we’d give you our opinion.

We think that the best option is to combine a synthetic turf with our new RevoSport Shockpads.

In our opinion, one of the main benefits of using synthetic turf is that the pitch can always be used. No matter the weather, an artificial pitch can be used all year round. For example, in dry conditions, the artificial turf will continue to provide the quality that feels like a natural turf. This means that the players can continue without the pitch affecting their performance. Furthermore, in wet condition, the drainage system that a synthetic pitch offers doesn’t make the pitch water logged. Again, this means that players of all levels can continue playing their game without the pitch affecting them.

Have a look here at how our Shockpads performed against water.

Take a look at the other factors that should be considered:

Natural Vs Artificial