31st May 2016 • Mark  Uncategorised

In May 2016, Vita Cellular Foams (UK) Ltd became one of the newest, proud members to join the team of over 200 members within SAPCA (The Sports and Play Construction Association) .Together with this association and all of their members, we can have an active role in the progression of British, European and other standards for the construction and performance of sports facilities. This applies to all levels of sports.

SAPCA aims to promote the best standards of design, construction and workmanship within the sport facility industry. As well as cooperate with a number of national and international governing bodies of sport. This is in an attempt to encourage businesses to use the newest, latest and safest technology available. The members of SAPCA have to follow the standard that the association has set. This is to ensure the customers receive the necessary expertise for what they want, with a good quality and a high level of customer service. They also aim to provide a strong voice to represent the construction industry within the UK.

A benefit of becoming a member is that all the businesses can get in contact with each other directly through the Association to create products that can meet specific needs of customers.

Take a look at the work that SAPCA and all their members have been doing at http://www.sapca.org.uk/news